carsten nicolai

abtastung frequenz

duraclear, glass, steel (series)
42.5 x 31.5 x 6 cm each
abtastung frequenz abtastung frequenz

the series abtastung wellenform and abtastung frequenz are 'photographs' on which time-based processes are frozen in order to visualize them for human perception. therefore, the works are not photographs in the classic sense, but rather a sort of photogram made with a scanner. Similar to photograms, it involves the direct sensing (abtastung) of light impulses by a scanner. however, a negative in the usual sense does not exist. the final image occurs by moving the scanner sensor and the light source simultaneously. with the aid of this specific technique, unique images in the form of parabolic frequency lines and waves can be visualized. a fundamental starting point for these works are the studies and theories of laszlo moholy-nagy and his experiments with light sources and photogram techniques. the works abtastung wellenform and abtastung frequenz can be understood as translations of these techniques into modern technologies. randomness and the technical standard of the scanner play a decisive creative role.