carsten nicolai


interactive installation
glas, alluminium, diverse materialien
962 x 120 x 120 cm
polylit polylit polylit

polylit is an interactive sculpture made of glass and steel. It works as a detector for surrounding electromagnetic fields, emitted by devices such as mobile phones, radio communication and wireless computer networks and transforms them into an audio signal that also commands a light modulation inside of the sculpture.

The form of polylit is based on three stacked octahedrons that by their geometrical rotation produce a vertical, column-like crystal form. The proportions of the sculpture are based on the mathematical principle of the golden section. It features a mirror glass surface on the outside, which becomes translucent when the LED lights inside have a higher intensity than the light outside. The resulting, almost kaleidoscopic view thereby reveals the inner construction of the sculpture. At the same time corresponding audio signals are diffused at a very low level by the glass panels. As a consequence, the artwork allows the passer-by to hear and see the invisible ever-changing activity of its surroundings.